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New & Used Utility Trailers


Putting the UTILITY in Utility Trailers

No matter if you have a frequent need for a utility trailer or you only have an occasional need, it's important to make the right choice and as the family business, Belore Trailer Sales has been helping customers make the right decision for 40+ years.

How to Choose the Right Trailer for YOU

The main points to consider when buying a utility trailer are:

· Usage

· Material construction

· Size

· Type


By having a trailer of your own, you will avoid having to borrow one ever again and being concerned about how & what you carry on the trailer. Owning your own trailer isn't a burden on your time either as a major benefit to them is the fact that maintenance is pretty minimal (see What's It Made Of noted later in this article), thus pretty cost-effective. A lot of our customers even use them as a way to store stuff on/in.

What do you/would you haul right now if you had a new utility trailer? What do you think you will/want to haul in the future with it? The here-and-now is generally more important than future uses as if you buy for the distant future, you may never actually need it for that use BUT, you know for certain you'll use it for X or Y today.

What's it made of?

One of the most common questions we continue to get throughout our 40+ years as a trailer dealer is, aluminum or steel? In order to choose the one that is best for you, you have ask a few questions:

Is cost an issue? Aluminum is always going to be more expensive than steel. Some 'aluminum' trailers have a significant amount of steel components in order to make their aluminum trailer seem less expensive than others. Of course, there are some components that have to be steel (ie. Axles, springs, etc.).

Is weight a concern? Aluminum is significantly lighter than steel and if carrying max payload, fuel economy or how easily you can move the trailer around by hand, may all concern you.

Is total-cost-of-ownership an issue? Steel rusts and therefore steel trailers require much more maintenance. Over time, aluminum trailers tend to have fewer maintenance items to be concerned with.

Is the overall strength of the trailer a concern? Although aluminum is far lighter than steel, it is far stronger - if used in the right way.


There are two measurements to be concerned with… the width and the length. Will what you need to haul fit on the utility trailer? Remember that many trailers are measured used the outside dimensions causing havoc with some purchases once they get their brand new trailer home.

From what we see going down the road day-to-day, not enough people take into consideration what is safe for both your tow vehicle and your own skill level - which is where length generally comes into play. We've had people actually pull into our yard and not be able to back it around to the required area - they probably shouldn't have bought such a large trailer… but that's another story.

Tips for Safe Usage

Always check that the right hitch is installed, so that you can easily and safely connect it to your tow vehicle. Keep in mind that safety chains must be attached to the tow hitch at all times in order to ensure road safety.

Center and distribute the weight properly while loading. If you're not sure how to check the recommendations of the manufacturer, check online or check with us. Improper weight distribution could cause the trailer to go out of control and that's something you definitely do not want.

The most common mistake in regards to improper weight distribution would be tongue weight. The refers to the amount of weight that is on the hitch. A trailer should run level. Too much tongue weight take weight off of the front of your vehicle and too little does the opposite. Not only is does this cause stability/handling issues but it plays a huge role in the effectiveness of your braking capabilities since 80%+ of your braking comes from the front tires of your vehicle.

An additional consideration is whether you'd like your utility trailer to have a rear gate, doubling as a ramp. Not only is the right gate/ramp set up extremely useful, but utilizing the wrong set up can lead to very unsafe loading/unloading conditions - especially for those who don't load/unload as an everyday occurrence.

What Can You Use It for

A utility trailer can be used for hauling and transporting anything and everything - hence the term "utility" I guess! Everyone from home owners to landscapers to ATV owners use utility trailers to haul just about anything.

What We Can Do For You

Belore Trailer Sales has 40+ years of experience in servicing customers' trailer-related needs. We carry both new and used trailers from all major manufacturers and are happy to walk you through your purchase.

We are open weekdays from 8 AM to 4:30 PM and are conveniently located just south of Ingersoll on Mt. Elgin Road just west of Plank Line Road. To check our current inventory or arrange a test, visit us at or call 519-485-5358.


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